GREEN Coloured hand grip - Aluminium pole 54" screw fitting for mop, brush or floor squeegees.

Threaded Aluminium pole/ Hygiene Brush shaft & colour coded handle

  • Aluminium pole shaft Green Colour Coded grip Handle.
  • Suits Mop, Brush & Plastic Floor Squeegee
  • 15/16" inch diameter pole with threaded screw fitting at end
SKU: 540GN

Aluminium pole, shaft, handle and GREEN Colour Coded grip Handle for brushes, mops and squeegees.

This range of aluminium handles have a comfortable colour coded handle grip. The 15/16" inch diameter threaded screw fitting at end fits our threaded hygiene brushes and screw fit socket mops. The pole also fits both the metal and plastic floor squeegees.

This model of pole suits a taller operator and is more comfortable to operator with larger hands due to the slightly wider diameter and larger ergonomic grip.

The Aluminium pole is sturdy, hygienic,and easily cleaned.

Suitable for our floor squeegees, screw fit hygiene socket mops and hygiene brushes.

Aluminium handle and grip - screw fitting   Dimensions Length 1370 mm ( 54" inch)  diameter 24mm ( 15/16" inch)