Hygiene - Grout Scrubbing Brush 22 Blue

Grout DEEP CLEAN Scrubbing brush.

  • Colour coded Blue Hygiene brush.
  • Unique "V" shaped head
  • Directional swivel socket for efficient scrubbing.
  • Threaded for screw fit pole
  • 22cm, 9" inches.

    Specialist Grout cleaning brush for Floor tiles

    Easily Deep Clean Grout between floor ties. Specially removing grease out grout in Kitchen Floors.

    Specialist grout cleaning brush, angled bristles (Bristles are "V" Shaped) for effective cleaning in tiled areas focus energy directly between tiles to grout area. Directional swivel socket for efficient swing scrubbing with minimum effort.

    Hygiene brushes are machine washable. Fits with Threaded Aluminium Hygiene and Composite handles.

    Colour coded brush, Bristles are "V" Shaped to focus energy between tiles.Directional Swivel head means a larger area can be easily scrubbed optimising leverage of pole with minimal effort.

    Products specifications
    Attribute name Attribute value
    Length 9 Inches / 23Cm
    Colour Blue