Hygiene - Grout Scrubbing Brush 22 Green

Grout DEEP CLEAN Scrubbing brush.

  • Colour coded Green Hygiene brush.
  • Unique "V" shaped head
  • Directional swivel socket for efficient scrubbing.
  • Threaded for screw fit pole
  • 22cm, 9" inches.

Easily Deep Clean grease out grout in Kitchen Floors

Specialist grout cleaning brush

  • Angled bristles for effective cleaning in tiled areas
  • Machine washable
  • Fits with Threaded Aluminium Hygiene and Composite handles
  • Colour coded

Over all brush, Bristles are "V" Shaped to focus energy between tiles.

Swivel head means a larger area can be easily scrubbed with minimal effort.

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Length 9 Inches / 23Cm
Colour Green